Weekend Trip to the Eastern Sierras

Mt Whitney, Inyo National Forrest. Video in the header and below

A few friends and I were going to shoot up to Mt. Whiney to give our winter gear a shake down for a up coming trip to Mexico to climb a volcano. One of my friends being a pilot offered to fly us up to Lone Pine which reduces a 5hr drive to 1hr in the sky. At the start of this trip I had never been in a plane smaller than a commercial airliner. I quickly found out that flying is a different experience when your flying in a four seat single prop plane.

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Being able to pull up to a plane, throw your gear in it and take off was awesome. No red lights and no one driving 65 in the fast lane was great. We were cruising at 200mph in a straight line to were we wanted to be.

Mt Whitney waterfall  Landing in Lone Pine (3,727 feet above sea level) it was 90 degrees and not the weather you are imagining when you packed for snow travel. We had some dinner in town and headed up to the Whitney Portal trailhead at 6,100 feet above sea level it was a little cooler. With all the snow the Sierra Nevada Mountains received this year streams and water falls are all flowing.

A 2am wake up call made for a nice sun rise
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As we wrapped up everything on the mountain we made or way back to Lone Pine and back to the airport and thats when the adventure really began. When we landed the day before the wind was blowing maybe 25mph. When we were preparing to take off on Sunday it was blowing 50mph. After 20min of white knuckle turbulence I have a new respect for what small aircraft can handle (holy shit it was bumpy).