S Works Mountain Bike Shoe

S-Works 6 XC Mountain Bike Shoes, 2,000mile product review

Click the video to see what these shoes look like after 2,000 miles


As promised in the video here are some pictures of the wear and tear on my S-works shoes

These are my second pair of specialized shoes

the other pair being the 2 FO Cliplite  (click for that blog). Specialized claims that the S-Works 6 XC Mountain Bike Shoe is the lightest on the market, I’ll let them make that claim (I didn’t weight them). I can tell you that putting them on they feel like your wearing socks, very light and very comfortable. Like comfortable very ridged socks, even after all the damage to the bottom of mine they are still stiff as fuck (technical term). I like the sleek/simple styling of the shoe and they have some other cool colors (I actually don’t like red).

The thing I am most impressed with are the Boa’s

absolutely no issues with them, banging them on rocks, kicking stuff and crashing with no problems. The only thing I noticed is at the start of a ride i’ll have my shoes snug and during the ride my foot would start to go numb and I would have to back the tension on the Boa’s off. easy fix I start with the shoe a little looser and no issues..

S Works Mountain Bike Shoe

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