Experience what healthy eating can do for you

Healthy eating is the cornerstone of any well functioning body. But what is healthy eating?

My focus as your Nutritionist is to simplify those answers. As well to guide, encourage and coach you through the dos and don’ts of healthy living.

My Philosophy

I don’t advocate dieting and I don’t adhere to, or promote, any specific philosophy of eating. I believe in basic scientific principles of what should and should not be put into our bodies. I also believe each person has unique chemistry, lifestyle, preferences, goals, budget, and other health requirements that all lend to what healthy eating is for that person.

Healthy eating

can enhance our athletic performance, help us manage stress, assist in losing or gaining weight. It has influence on our day-to-day energy levels, our mental clarity, and even our complexion. Healthy eating can be the choice between living with a life threatening, preventative disease or not. Let’s take control of how food affects us and not let food control how we are affected.

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