Iron Mountain Hike

Ellie Lane to Iron Mountain

Hike Stats:

  • 8.8 miles round trip
  • 2,393 ft of elevation gain
  • 3hrs 47min total time


Map to trail head

More Trail information

Hike recap:

Parking at the Ellie Lane trail head I think is the way to go for this hike. It adds 3 miles to the hike compared to parking at the main Iron Mountain trail head AND.. When the Iron Mountain trail parking lot is full this one seems hardly used and in my opinion the first half of this hike is nicer than the main Iron Mountain trail.


After cresting our first ridge we dropped down into this.

Iron Mountain Hike

Heading from Ellie Lane you have 2 uphill sections before you get to the main Iron Mountain trail and make the final push to the top.


Once you get to the top you’ll be 2,668 ft above sea level with 360 degree views of Mt Woodson, Lake Jennings and ….

Heading Back:

Instead of retracing our steps coming back we walked down the main Iron Mountain trail but before reaching the parking lot we took a right and looped back to the Ellie Lane parking area. If  you went back exactly the way you came it would probably be a 10 mile hike with another 1,000 ft of climbing.

Things to remember:

  • Its East County and it can get hot out there. When we went it was in the upper 80’s and humid (I sweat my ass off). You’ll want to make sure you bring plenty of water. I drank 70oz of water and 10oz of electrolyte replacement during our hike. For more hiking hydration information click here.
  • There is very little shade and for the most part is a very exposed hike, don’t forget your sunscreen!

And finally

  • Pack out what you pack in that includes trash and other “biodegradable” waste like orange peels. This might seem stupid, but there aren’t any indigenous orange trees on the hike so even organic matter is still foreign to this area.
  • If you want to listen to music during your hike don’t forget your headphones, because trust me no one wants to listen to the shit you listen to but yourself. Unless its Prince, that guy is rad..


Well I hope you got some useful information and if you have any questions feel free to email us! click here