maxxis Ikon tire review
Maxxis Ikon Tire Review Video in the header and below   weight: I have the Maxxis Ikon’s on a 2017 Cannondale Scalpel, I previously had Racing Ralphs both 2.2. With the Maxxis tires running a 2.35 up front and a 2.2 in the rear my bike went from 25lb 12oz to 25lb 14oz (2oz heavier). Tire pressure: What I found to be ideal for my riding conditions and style. 2.35 up front 20-21psi 2.2 in the rear 23psi I ride a lot of rocky terrain with hard pack dirt with loose sand on top. Even with 20psi up front I still have never burped a tire nor does it feel like it wants to fold underneath me. I tested this the other day a Calaveras stuffing my XC bike in to berms and hitting some drop offs. When I first put the tires on I ran them at 24psi front…Continue Reading
El Cajon Mountain
Hiking El Cajon Mountain other wise known as “mini El Cap” in the Cuyamaca Mountains. Hike Stats: 12.1 miles round trip 3,909 ft of elevation gain 4:45 moving time Map to trailhead   Click for more trail info I’m told this is one of the most difficult hikes in San Diego County. I would agree with that.. Hike Recap Looking at the Elevation map above you can see that on your way back from the top of El Cajon Mountain there is still some elevation gain on your way down. You’ll want to make sure you save some energy for this. I hadn’t been on this trail for several years and  forgot how steep some of the sections of the trail can be. Definitely a good leg burn if you want to attack it or trail run it. The trail starts on a nice single track trail and zig zags…Continue Reading
Iron Mountain Hike
Iron Mountain Hike Ellie Lane to Iron Mountain Hike Stats: 8.8 miles round trip 2,393 ft of elevation gain 3hrs 47min total time   Map to trail head More Trail information Hike recap: Parking at the Ellie Lane trail head I think is the way to go for this hike. It adds 3 miles to the hike compared to parking at the main Iron Mountain trail head AND.. When the Iron Mountain trail parking lot is full this one seems hardly used and in my opinion the first half of this hike is nicer than the main Iron Mountain trail.   After cresting our first ridge we dropped down into this. Heading from Ellie Lane you have 2 uphill sections before you get to the main Iron Mountain trail and make the final push to the top.   Once you get to the top you’ll be 2,668 ft above sea…Continue Reading
Palm springs tram
Palm Springs Tram to San Jacinto Overnight camping, hiking and bouldering. Quick facts:  its the worlds largest rotating tram car it travels 2.5 miles along the Chino Canyon it takes you from the desert to 8,500ft above sea level in 10 min there is a restaurant at the top all good stuff, I wanted to add a few things to that: it sways at every vertical support column going up, if you aren’t a fan of heights you’ll love this the restaurant at the top is ok. Better than backpacking food (slightly) how ever it is the last place to get beer, so if you need beer, get beer.. Map to the Palm Springs Tram The Plan I had my cousin in town and our plan was:  Take the Palm Springs Tram to the San Jacinto wilderness,  hike 2.5miles to Round valley Campground drop our heavy packs and continue another 3…Continue Reading
Mt whitney Inyo National Forrest
Weekend Trip to the Eastern Sierras Mt Whitney, Inyo National Forrest. Video in the header and below A few friends and I were going to shoot up to Mt. Whiney to give our winter gear a shake down for a up coming trip to Mexico to climb a volcano. One of my friends being a pilot offered to fly us up to Lone Pine which reduces a 5hr drive to 1hr in the sky. At the start of this trip I had never been in a plane smaller than a commercial airliner. I quickly found out that flying is a different experience when your flying in a four seat single prop plane. click to enlarge Being able to pull up to a plane, throw your gear in it and take off was awesome. No red lights and no one driving 65 in the fast lane was great. We were cruising at…Continue Reading
Robert wessels temecula 4hr
Race Recap From the So-Cal Endurance Temecula 4 & 8 hour Race Location: Vail Lake Temecula California Its always a good time racing or just riding at Vail Lake. There is stuff to jump, stuff to climb and fun flowy single track. Race Format: This year was the first year Jason changed the format from a 6 and 12 hour race to a 4 and 8 hour race. As I understand it there was only going to be an 8 hour race but Jason was persuaded  into adding a 4 hour too (thanks Bruce). So you can race 4hr solo or 8hr solo or get a team together for 8hrs. heres a link to past 6 & 12hr races The Course: This course was set up for speed, not riding up “bridges” or “dam climb” definitely helps keep your average speed up.  It had rained a few days before the…Continue Reading